Hokuto Japanese Cafe by Katherine

by newintstudents

Hokuto Japanese cafe is new cafe opened up just opposite RMIT city campus. It just opened last week and already heaps of people are visiting it.

One of my colleagues really did like the cafe because of its cheap prices.
Here you can get a bento and it comes with a drink for free.

But I wasn’t after the bento. I was after the sashimi ( which btw was spelt wrongly). It was only $9.90. They are a cash only place.

The things that irked me that day was the service. It was disorganised and there was no queue which is really strange in a restaurant.

Everyone just orders at the counter and whilst you are trying to fumble for money the watiresses serves someone else. There were only two that day.

The seating inside was a little cramped. There was seating outside but it seems to be taken.

The food there was good though. The fish was really fresh and the rice was just the way sushi rice should be which is vinegary. But the only thing is that they did not mix the vinegar that well. You got one bit of rice with lots of vinegar and one bit which is bland.
The beancurd sheets were sweet which I liked.

The green tea was a little bit meh for my liking though.

I neither dislike or like the place. One thing I would like improved is the service. I might just return some time after its settled down properly

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