Mr Mason’s Birthday Party by Katherine

by newintstudents

Mr Mason had just turned 1 years old! They had a huge party to celebrate.
Because I am a member of Mr Mason’s I was cordially invited to attend their party for a mere $10 for food and fun.

The theme of the night was a French summer soiree. So there was live entertainment all throughout the night.

Mr Mason is a French restaurant as well as a bar in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. It is just one minute walk away from Southern Cross station.

It is encased in an office block so it might be really hard to spot.

The party went on from 4:30pm- late last night.

A lot of people came at around 5pmish.

There was lots of food and bread to be had.
I loved most of the food except for the proffiteroles. They were a little bit dry. I think it had been outside for a very long time.

The bread roll that I had was soft and doughy and freshly baked; the way how it should be.

I got to try the mussels and they were fresh and really salty which I loved very much. I loved the ones with the tomatoes on it.

The smoked salmon with chives was really lovely and melted in the mouth.

I also loved the salmon creviche. When I first saw it I thought it was cous cous because it was so white.

Then there was also the different cheeses which I really loved. I loved the textures of the cheeses. I loved the brie and the orange cheeses. Due it being really hot weather I thought that the cheeses were going to go off but I came at a good time and they were lovely. They went well with the bread that I had.

There were free drinks to be had. A Tyrell’s (wine company) tasting station was there, but I don’t drink so I didn’t have a chance to try it. To my surprise they also have lemonade which I liked.

I tried the chicken liver pate and it’s just like the one I had at home. I loved the textures especially the brioche bread.

The mini lemon tart looked so good I thought I had to try it and it did not disappoint one bit. The lady that served it to me said that it was part of the petit fours on the menu.

I’d love to come back maybe with Sally and try out their High teas as they are not too pricey. As a student I probably wouldn’t go back for lunch or dinner. I would love for them to be featured in the Entertainment book for next year.
I hope to see them at this Taste of Melbourne event as their party was a success last night.

Many thanks to Mr Mason for inviting me to their party and I hope to see you again at one of your Member’s parties. To sign up as a member just go to their website.

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