Raw Vegan diet

by newintstudents

Its easy to follow and its great for when you want to lose weight or be healthier

 There is hardly any cooking for this as everything is raw in this diet.
This diet is really healthy for you as it involves no meat. But the only thing is that you gotta learn to love tofu and fake meat.

It too is cost effective as well
The one reason why most people go on a vegan diet is to save the environment and the costs.

One of the benefits of this diet is that it lowers the risk of a heart diesease as it lowers cholestrol.

Where you can buy food in the city that is vegan
RUSU realfoods
The Food and Wine deli

In Brunswick
The radical groccery store beside Jewell station.

In Bundoora- nowhere you’ll have to make your own meals.
In the future there might be a few places opening, hopefully within the uni.

Where can we also get some free food?
At Student Union free BBQ days they have amazing veggie burgers. The city campus one is on Wednesday lunchtimes.