What sort of household cleaning items do you need here and how much they cost

by newintstudents

You’ll be doing a whole lot of cleaning when you are in Aus. Hence you will need some cleaning items. There is no maid here in Australia like there might be back home. Everyone is expected to clean in Aus. With most of the cleaning items you cannot bring them from home as they are heavy and most them are not allowed by all airlines. But here is a list of the costs.

image courtesy of lasoo.com

A brand new vacum cleaner (a big one) costs around $299-$599 at Godfreys and Harvey Norman. But you buy a handheld one for $60-$80

Irons- they cost around $100-$150 ( a good one that is)
You’ll also need an ironing board- but you can probably get your parents to send it to you from overseas for free or otherwise you can buy one from Daiso
Pegs- you’ll need them to hang out the washing on the line- Pegs if you buy them at a $2 shop is around $2 per packet.
Clothes racks- you could get your parents to send it to you or you can buy them from Daiso for $2.80
Mops- they are around $10 But if you buy it at Daiso in the city its about $2.80
Dustpan and broom- you can bring it from home for free
Toilet Cleaner- is around $5-$6 per bottle and you can buy this at the supermarket. Most airline do not allow you to bring this from home.
Laundry powder- ( you cannot bring this from home as airlines don’t allow this). But you can buy it from Preston market for about $10 for 10 kgs. 10 Kgs will last a while.
Dishwashing detergent- this also isn’t allowed to be brought from home. We love Morning fresh detergent as they are gentle on dishes.
Finish Dishwashing tablets about $20- $40 for a huge pack
Sponges- $4-$5 per pack of 3 or 4 and you will need these a bit during your stay in Aus
Scourer- $4-$5 per pack of 3 or 4. These can be used to get rid of grime and mould
Gloves (for those ones with sensitive skin)- $5-$6, but you can also buy this at Daiso for about $2.80
Laundry Basket- You can bring it from home. But if not,  you can buy this from Daiso for about $2.80.
Cloth- the Vileda ones are pretty good and will keep for a while. they are around $3-$4 at the Supermarket. You can also bring it from home.