Arts Centre Sunday Market by Katherine

by newintstudents

It’s a pleasant way to spend a Sunday
Free entry to market.
There is so much stuff on offer.
But the last time I went there, there wasn’t as many stalls on offer.

One of my favourite foods is the proffetjies at the Art Market. They are small tiny little Dutch Pancakes which are served as a sweet or a breakfast food. They are just like your normal pancakes except smaller. It comes with your choice of maple syrup, lemon, sugar and strawberry jam and cream. You can add ice cream for an extra $1.
Here I had it with my favourite of strawberry jam and cream and homemade ice cream. Yum.

There were many activities on offer such as the make your own keyring for $10. Here you can choose your beads (mainly letters). I had fun making the message of “best friends” for my high school friend who loves children and childish things.

They also have a wonderful band playing at lunchtime as well as many demonstrations and products to try. I tried some of the hand creams on offer.

You can buy many gifts of soaps and stuff for about $10-$15. Everything here is handmade.

If you have time go and visit the Sunday Market as no trip/visit to Melbourne is complete without it.