Hawkers Market @ Crown by Katherine

by newintstudents

This year as a part of Chinese new year there was a Hawker Market. It ran for three days from the 8/2/2013- 10/2/2013 outside Crown casino. It was organised by Crown Casino.

It is free entry and to get there you can just catch the 96 tram from Bourke st or the 109, 112 tram from Collins st.

I just came from the Sunday Market. From the Sunday Market it was an easy 10 minute walk.

Everything at the Hawker’s market was really cheap. I managed to buy a $1 bottle of green tea. There were also $1 packets of noodles from OBento as well as chips for $1. Everything in the warehouse except for showbags were under $5. Showbags were $6 but it came with full sized sauces and stuff.
There were lots and lots of feng shui stuff. I loved the bird cages as it represented peace and harmony. You could also buy those Chinese umbrellas here.

Here there were many free performances and demonstrations, such as the Tea Ceremony. There was also a lion dance as well as fireworks on Saturday night. I saw the dances and loved them.

I also tried a traditional Taiwanese tea from Ten Ren. And I have to say it was bland and boring for $4.50. I’m glad that Ten Ren’s tea station no longer exists in Melbourne.

There were many food stalls here all for which are under $10. But sadly there were no Cha Kuey Teow dishes or noodle dishes (with the exception of Singaporean fried noodles). But there were heaps and heaps of dumpling stalls (perhaps a little too many). There were heaps of people lining up for these and seeing as I just had proffetjies I just wasn’t hungry.

Thanks Crown Casino for organising this event for everyone.