Straits of Malacca in the CBD by Katherine

by newintstudents

I went to Straits of Malacca today. I have heard so many good things about it and heard that it was reasonably priced for a student.
When I came at 1pm it was busy. The place was rather small and it only had indoor seating. Hence I had to sit with randoms.

The place is frequented by workers and students and is a chain of Malaysian restaurants in Melbourne.

The service seemed a little haphazard. Maybe people were just rushed off their feet from a busy lunch service?

They had free tea if you purchased any food. In which I did. I had the Thai fish cakes with spring rolls ($10.80) and rice and the two ladies that I sat with had Hainanese chicken. They waited ages for it and they were here before me.

yet I got my meal before they did. It was so big that I could’t finish it. The Thai fish cakes wasn’t really fish cakes as such. It was more like fish bones and I had a hard time eating all the bones. I loved the egg on top of the fried rice and the spring rolls.

Wasn’t too sure about the pickles and the chilli sauce. The chilli sauce was way too overpowering. What would be a good idea is if they had put it in a small bowl and then we just dip the pieces in there.

I’d definitely recommend students to come here. But I don’t recommend that students order hainanese chicken unless they are prepared to wait long.
I might come back only to try their noodle dishes.

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