Shimbashi soba and sake bar

by newintstudents

Shimbashi soba and sake bar has been opened for about a year and a month now. They are run by Japanese ( I can hear the staff talking in Japanese).

I went on a Friday lunchtime and it was pretty busy which was a great sign. Here they use organic ingredients and they make their own soba by hand. I have never com across a Japanese place that does this. Nor have I ever come come across a place that uses raw egg. The other Japanese places don’t use these talents. So its no wonder that a lady was very upset with her meal which had a raw egg in it. Raw eggs are used in real Japanese cooking, but in Melbourne there is a shortage of real Japanese places.

The clientele there were mainly Japanese but there are some Aussies as well. There is a big communual tables for those that love sharing.
I sat next to a Japanese boy and he explained most of the things to me such as the extra broth which was used for the noodles and how you can add to the sauce to make it into a soup.

To start off with there was complementary salad. Hardly any Japanese place offers this so I was plesantly surprised when it was given.

I had my usual Agedashi tofu ($8) and green tea ($3). The Agedashi tofu was light, but it didn’t have many bonito flakes to it. But I loved the fresh dashi and the sauce.

The green tea was just ok.

But this is what I loved the most; the seibo soba (hand made cold soba noodles- $10). Many people have been raving on about this and I can why they loved it. It is hand made and you can see them using the machine to proccess all the seeds and make the dough. Then it is cut by hand and then cooked.

When it came to the table it looked amazing and it tasted amazing. I loved the wasabi. It is the fresh wasabi that they make rather than the bottled ones that you buy from the Japanese grocer.

I would definately be back this time with the Japan Club as I know that they would love this. The place takes bookings and we can all sit at the large table.

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