Dead Man Espresso

by newintstudents

Dead Man Espresso is in South Melbourne and is just five minutes by tram from the CBD. It is frequented by Uni students especially ones from RMIT (I saw the guy’s RMIT diary).

About 45 other bloggers have raved on about this place and they seem fairly positive. So I must be the last person to blog about this.

They have limited seating. Like a Melbourne cafe they have outdoor and indoor seating. Like Cumulus they also sell produce and books.

Although they are primarily a espresso bar, they do serve meals. And by that I mean hearty meals.
They do serve eggs all day which is great for us students.

I was served by an English/Irish guy and I did love the accent. He asked how everything went which rarely happens in a cafe.

I loved my omelette. It was nice and fluffy and without the tabasco it would have been a bit bland. I loved the mushrooms and herbs in there. The only thing that I would have wanted is that they make this a regular menu item rather than a special.

At first there was no toast and I had to remind them gently. At least the guy apologized for burning the toast and brought me a new batch.

I also had an aeropress coffee ($5) which was really nice and fruity. Loved it and loved the cute cup.

Now I can see why everyone loves the place. It is worth the trek out to South Melbourne. South Melbourne is such a touristy area. I would love to take all of the new students back to the cafe soon. Now I wonder if they are open on Sunday.

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