Ponyfish Island by Katherine

by newintstudents

This is great bar for students to hang at. It is one of Melbourne’s best hidden secrets. Here they have cheap drinks and cheap but good food. All the food is under $15.

Ponyfish Island is a little island hidden under the Southgate bridge. The trick to finding the place as 18 other bloggers explained is to walk along the Southgate Bridge and look right and you’ll see some stairs.

It was a wet day but there was plenty of shelter. It was the end of summer that I visited.

Here I was served by a lovely lady and my food came quickly. I ordered a Baguette ($10) and a lemon lime and bitters ($3).

They sell vegetarian food as well as food for the carnivores. But the only thing is that they don’t sell chips. They do have BBQ’s though.

The baguette was yummy. It was vegetarian and very healthy and filling. I loved the cheese in this and it was nicely salted.

The lemon lime and bitters came in a huge glass. I loved the lime wedge in there- it gave it a bit of flavour.

All in all I’d come back but this time on a sunny day. And I’d bring my friends and Sally here. I wished RUSU would organise a Drinks with friends event here rather than Pearson’s and Murphys as the food and drinks are quite good here. You can buy a jug of Pimms for $30 someone told me so we might have to try and do that next time.

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