Spring st Grocery

by newintstudents

Spring st Grocery had just recently opened and it already attracted plenty of people.
Here this place is an ice creamery.

The people there make their own ice creams. Hence it is all healthy. Here they use fresh ingredients to make their ice creams and it is made on the premises.

They are a part of the Look Stop Shop activity (a part of the Sustainable living festival). As part of this festival they are selling little test tubes of honey.

The place is run by an Italian guy who arrived in Melbourne a few years ago.

I was served by a lovely lady and a lovely guy. They were happy to let me take pictures of their stuff.

They have three flavours for $6.50 and I was keen to give it a go. I had their fior di latte (vanilla ice cream) and their special blueberry ice cream with a hint of cheese. I also sampled their watermelon and mint one.

I didn’t like the blueberry one as much as the other two. The blueberry one tasted like cheesecake and was a bit sour. I loved the watermelon one. It was refreshing for a warm summers day.

The fior di latte mixed really well with both flavours. It was creamy and yoghurt like.

Students it is recommended that you visit on a nice warm summers day as everything is healthy and refreshing. Oh yeah the menu changes all the time depending on what they have.

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