The Lounge by Katherine

by newintstudents

And no it is not one of RMIT’s lounges.
In fact it is a pub on Swanston st. It is about 5 mins from RMIT and is popular with the students and the workcrowds at lunchtime and after 5pm.
I remembered some years back where I went out with colleagues for work drinks and meals. The atmosphere at night was very lively. Back then there was also a downstairs lounge where we can order anything we fancy and pay by the hour we ordered.
There used to be $2 coffees but not anymore.

But now:

There is no downstairs lounge. Instead there is only one level.

There wasn’t as many people given that it was at 1pm that my friend and I came. You had to order and pay at the counter. They do have a $25 minimum for EFTPOS and credit card.

We sat outside. The tables did look a tad bit sad and dirty. There is two couch areas. One of them was occupied by a group of tourists.

The service was a bit patchy and hapzard. Two of the tourists food came first and then ours and then the rest of theirs. To top it off the waitress took away our tomato sauce and we had to ask her to bring it back. Also a table was left full of dishes until someone asked her to clean up the mess. Short staffed perhaps?

My friend and I both ordered burgers and we got a side of onion rings ($4.50) to share. My friend got a chicken burger ($16.50) and mine was a veggie burger ($13.50). When mine came to the table there was a massive amount of chips.

We enjoyed our burgers. Although mine came one a weird looking sesame bun I really enjoyed this. I loved the onion relish. But the chips looked like they came from a Mccains packet. In actual fact they used fresh potatoes. The chips had way too much salt on them. What would be nice would be some herb salt.

The onion rings although my friend enjoyed them, I thought were a massive dissappointment to otherwise what would be a good meal. They were too oily and they also tasted like vinegar. Onion rings should be lightly oiled and not be vinegary. It would be lovely if there was mayonaise.

All in all it was a good hearty pub meal and I would gladly recommend it to students. Students come after dark when there is heaps of entertainment and live bands. There is parma nights on Mondays when a parmagiana is $10. They also have happy hour for students when all jugs of beer are just $12. They are from 2pm-6pm and I think from 8pm until late. They also had $5 bottles of beer too. It is worth a visit.

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