What you can get from RMIT for free

by newintstudents

Students you can collect so much stuff from RMIT for free if you are a student at RMIT. Here’s what you can collect.
1) The RMIT student diary for 2013
Here you can organise all of your assignments in this really thick book. I love the red cover, its cool and retro. The only downside is that they have one coupon for Skydive and the rest are all RMIT ads.
Available to collect from the HUB.

2) The freebies from Medibank Private
Although these aren’t from RMIT, Medibank Private is sponsored by RMIT and they give away all these fantastic freebies like a free bag, water bottles etc.

3) Free food if there is an opening.
Last time there was an opening was at a coffee shop in the SAB building. When I bought a coffee there was a free muffin that came with it. It was small, but it did fill me up.

4) Magazines
These aren’t from RMIT. They are from the Student Union and they are written by students for students. Catalyst is one example of a free magazine. The other one is Utimes, a uni paper written for students.
Both you can collect at various times of the year from Campus.

5) Free books
Sometimes RMIT has free books for students to take home as they are old and outdated

6) Free fruit
Sometimes there is free fruit from the RMIT health service

7)Free wallplanners
Both Student Union and RMIT have these for students to pick up. RMIT’s one is outside the Study and Learning centre