The lunchbox guide by Katherine

by newintstudents

All of these you can buy from the market/supermarket.
It just takes time to organise and make it each morning but here are a few suggestions which are easy on the wallet and good for your health.
1) Pork with salad and fruits
The pork I bought it from Costco and it was in the freezer. I had it last night for dinner- grilled

2) Tuna sandwich.
I bought a can of tuna for about $1 at the supermarket. There I have added some bread to it from home.

3) Tuna with crackers
I bought another can of tuna, this time Coles home brand tuna for $0.90. I had some leftover crackers which I needed to finish.

4) Ham bagels/sandwiches
As a child and in my early years of uni (before I started working that was) I used to love making ham bagels/sandwiches. I still do these days. When I want a bagel I go to the Vic Market and buy one for $1.80. That and some ham.

image courtesy of Google Images

5) Cup noodles

Image courtesy of Google images

As a teenager and in my early years of uni during the wintertime I used to love Cup noodles ($1.80-$2).  But I used to have them only just occasionally, never everyday. And I would have this with some fruits and my usual crudites.

Students I hope that these ideas will encourage you to bring your own lunch from home most days. And if you love hot foods eating last nights leftovers is another good idea too as RMIT has a few microwaves free for students to use on campus.
Do bring your own water to class as well. RMIT has a few drinking fountains