Things you can buy for a gold coin

by newintstudents

Hey students are you short on cash? Just paid your uni fees?  Don’t worry Newintstudents team is here to save you with these sorts of ideas.
1) $1 coffee at 7-11
Don’t get paid until next week? Need that coffee? Then there is hope as 7-11 has $1 coffees 24/7!

2) $1- $2 bags of fruit and veg at the Queen Vic Market. There is a stall somewhere at the market that sells these. What a cheap find as the bags are usually 1-2kgs full of fruit or veg (or both)

3) $1 drink at Box Hill
Box hill has some of the cheapest finds there. Most likely in an Asian store you’ll find one of these babies

4) $1 tea packs at the Queen Victoria Market

There is a stall which has these amazing $1 packs of tea bags. No need to visit the supermarket now for them.
5) 1 Jam donut for $1 at the Market- these are really filling and they would last about two hours.

6) Icy poles from the supermarket at $0.50- $2 each

Don’t have enough change to buy a ice cream on a hot day? Well this is another option as some supermarkets have started selling these.

7) Creme eggs at $1- $2 each
You can find these all over Melbourne in the lead up to Easter. they are all over world so there is little need for explanation.

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8) Things from a $2 shop.
There are so many $2 shops popping up everywhere in Melbourne.  Here you can buy lots and lots of goods that you need just for a gold coin each.

9) Herald Sun for $1.20
This has to be the cheapest paper in town. Buy it during the weekdays for $1.20 per copy.

10) Milk for $1 at Coles
Coles is having a special where you can buy their homebrand milk for $1.

11) McDonalds $2 menu
Here I bought a cheeseburger and it filled me right up for a little while.

12) $2 chips from a vending machine
Hungry? Do you need something to fill you up in between classes? RMIT has plenty of vending machines. But just don’t go there all time only in times of real need.

13) Watermelon from the market for $1.20 a kg. They are nice and sweet during summer. And they are more than 1kg

14) A kg of onions for a $1 at the market.
These are big bags of onions and if stored properly will last a few months.

Hope these ideas help.
Do you have any more ideas? Then drop us a line below.