Different types of assesments at uni

by newintstudents

There are a few different types of assesments at RMIT, each which you should be familiar with

image courtesy of Google

image courtesy of Google

1) Exams- many people have been asking when they are on. They are usually held sometime between the beginning of June til the end of June. There is also another period at the end of the year from end of October until mid November.

Most exams go for three hours. But some of them only go for two hours.

2) Tests- These are done during your tutorial time and many of them are closed book. Most of them are multiple choice, but some of them are essay based

3) Orals- These are done during class time and most of students will have an oral at some stage or the other. This is where you will have to talk in front of the class.

4) Essays- these are a shorter assesment. These are less formalised. They haver just an Introduction, a body and a conclusion.

5) Reports- these are longer and more formalised. They have several headings such as Executive summary, Introduction, Literature review, Methodology, Results, Discussion and conclusion and sometimes recommendations.

6) Group work- this involves working in teams. Sometimes you can choose your own teams and other times your tutor picks the members. It is recommended that you work with people from different cultures as it is a chance for you to practise your English. In the workplace in Australia this is what you’d do.
Each group should contribute to the group because if you don’t the other people of the group can complain to the tutor and you could be given a lower mark than the other members.