At home pedicure vs expensive pedicure in a beauty salon by Katherine.

by newintstudents

Beauty salons charge a lot for their pedicures these days. Prices can start from $25- $140 and they can last from 30 to 60 minutes. And some of them are not very clean leaving you with infections. Which means a visit to the hospital.
RMIT does not grant special consideration just for this as they might see it as “minor”.
But did you know that there is a cheaper, more cleaner way of treating yourself? The team investigates this issue.

 You can have one at home provided that you buy all the ingredients yourself and have a tub of some sort for washing feet. And the other thing is you’ll know that it is clean. We bought all of the stuff from Richmond’s (The body shop) clearance store.
We used (we love everything from the Body shop as they are environmentally friendly and they are good for our skin- ie no allergic reactions. There also is no animal testing):
Peppermint fizzies from the Body shop ($3)
Exfoliator foot ($3 from the body shop)- this was cleaned from the last time we used it. This is really good for getting rid of the dead skin on mine and Sally’s feet.
Nail filer ($4.50 from the Body shop). They usually come in an oval shape and are easy to use. They are made out of environmentally friendly wood.
Foot and leg gel ($8.50 from the Body Shop)
Our own bathtub- it has to be cleaned and Sally tells me she just cleaned the bath a day ago. It was in pristine condition.
A timer (10- 20 minutes is enough time for the feet to soak)
Our own towels and bathmat- they too have been cleaned just a day ago and haven’t been used ever since.
Nail polish (optional)- $10 per bottle. But Sally and I did not use it as we both have sensitive feet and our nails go brittle with polish.

The verdict: I’d say at home is better. But sometimes for special occasions you could get away with spending money on having it done outside. At home you’d spend about $29 (without the towel and the tub) and all the stuff you can use it multiple times. But make sure that you have a clean tub and towel.