Doki Doki Station

by newintstudents

It is a Japanese maid cafe.
There is heaps of fun to be had in there.

They are only opened limited hours each week. Currently it is Fri: 3pm-6.30pm and Sunday: 11.30am-5.30pm. They are located at 422 Bourke st.

It is in a rather old and small building so they might be hard to spot. But when you do go in you’ll see the big flight of stairs in which you’ll have to walk up.

The maids are rather cute. I loved their costumes. All of the staff working there are students hence the limited opening hours. They knew us on Facebook so I was allowed to take pictures in exchange for this write up.

In here you can relax and play games as well as eat. There is a limited selection of food and drink to be had and the menu changes from time to time. At the time of visit their food menu was about to change so there was only drinks available.
There are a few games on offer and I think it is $5 to play but it is so much fun. They have all different kinds of board games as well as Mikado (the stick game). There is also cosplay for about $20.

YOu can also buy some fun stuff from the shop in the same place as the cafe. There are cute hair wigs, costumes and games on sale as well as Japanese drinks. Although the shop does have EFTPOS, the cafe does not.

The cafe has limited seating and there is some sort of Japanese chant performed by the maids which is enjoyable to watch. You order at the counter and the maid will deliver it to you.

Their chocolate drinks ($4) are very popular at the cafe and I got to try it out. I loved it. It was just like a normal homemade chocolate. It gave that lovely homely feeling. Actually this cafe gave that lovely warm feeling.

I can’t wait to try their new menu