Nine Taiwanese Dessert place by Katherine

by newintstudents

As part of our Summer dessert series.
Here I went to visit new Taiwanese dessert place near RMIT University. it had just opened a few weeks ago and they haven’t had a lot of success so far.

There is a little competition with Dessert Story across the road and Blackball around the corner. But hopefully in the coming months they’ll have more people.

Here not only do they sell just Taiwanese desserts they also sell ice cream and drinks. Their desserts are organic which means that it is healthy for you.

I had their green tea flavoured ice cream and their caremelised fig ice cream. At first I wasn’t too sure which flavour matched with green tea, so I asked and the server recommended carmellised fig. And right she was. The flavours complimented each other. The green tea flavour reminded me of Japan. It tasted like match tea.

The carmelised fig was sweet and fruity.

Two scoops of ice cream was $7.

I would love to come back and try their big bowls of Taiwanese dessert particularly in winter time when they will have their hot desserts.