Red Door Corner store

by newintstudents

Red Door Corner store was on my way to RMIT Bundoora campus and it was blogged about 20 other people as well as raved about by the Age in their Cheap eats.

For a number of years this place was featured in the Entertainment book.

If you are going there by tram get the number 86 and get off at the Corner of Mitchell and High st. There you’ll have to turn right and walk down a hill to get there.

Like Grigons and Orr they sell merchandise as well as bread, milk and spices. They don’t sell paper but they do have some to read.

Dogs are welcome here.

It wasn’t busy but it was cute.

I loved my server’s cute denim apron. My server was a lovely lady and she was happy to serve me.
They mainly serve breakfast and coffees here but they also do lunch in the form of sandwiches.

Like others I had the breakfast roll, but seeing as I don’t eat bacon but love Ksuandi (tomato relish); I just got it without bacon.

Seeing as it was a warm summers day I got a cold drip coffee. It smelt and tasted like berry. Like Bryan said it was magic. They use Proud Mary coffee beans here.

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