World Restaurant and Bar

by newintstudents

Disclaimer: This is not an actual restaurant post rather it is more of a party and the Newintstudents team were invited as they were members. Only one of them could go and that was Katherine. All opinions were entirely her own.

“World Restaurant and bar is a lively place in Southbank. They are like Campari in many ways. Like Campari they do great pizzas and drinks. They even have a $15 drink and pizza deal for their members”.

“They do have EFTPOS but it is a $10 minimum.”

” The dress code is mainly smart casual. Many people also wore suits to the party”.
” Like Campari they look after their members. Lots of people including myself came and enjoyed the event thouroughly”

“Unlike what others say on Urbanspoon their music is not loud and their atmosphere is very lively”

“I love the bookshelves. It reminds me of a old Vintage library. I loved the chandeliers and old fashioned mirrors. The atmosphere reminds me of the Moat which we went to late last year”.

” My thoughts on the food: pizzas were yummy, but the Thai salad not so. The Thai salad was really bland and I didn’t really like the dried vermicelli. I’m not too sure about the mango salsa on the taco though. I thought it tasted weird”.

” The drinks: very limited. I would have loved for them to have lemonade. But I can’t complain- just a thought for next time”.

” I shall be back next time maybe with Sally and my library group. And this time I might just order the pizza with a lemonade for $15 or one of those good looking burgers with chips”.

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