Open space

by newintstudents

Location: Melbourne Exhibition and Convention centre
Time: 11am
Cost: Free everything was free
Date: 28/2/2013

This will be a very long post.

As part of business week this week there was a free event called Open Space. This was a chance for people to mingle and see what the Exhibition Centre had to offer.

It was also a good chance for businesses to learn how to perform better this year than last. Businesses have to understand how to connect with people because if they don’t they will fail.

As a blogger I was invited to attend this event to learn about branding and businesses.

It was a series of lectures as well as a free lunch. We have learned so much (see below). Hence this is a part of our Careers and Businesses in March series. This month we will be talking mainly about businesses and careers

After the lecture there was a free lunch. Here I sampled many things including gelato. Everything was made onsite.
I loved the pasta and the sushi. The beetroot salad not so much. I loved the buttery sauce on the pasta as well as the sweetness of the olives.

It was fun to watch the sushi chef making his sushi onsite.

I had a difficult time deciding on the flavours for the gelati so I sampled three flavours- vanilla, mandarin and berry. They were all so nice.

I also got to take home a nice showbag which had a cap and a few useful discounts as well as a map.

Many thanks to the Melbourne Exhibition centre for putting this on and inviting me.

Lessons leant
“Only Stupid can be brilliant” quote taken from a slide
“Belief your reason for being a business”. quote taken from a slide
“Customer loyalty=sustainable business”.
* Businesses should build strong customer relationships with their customers. They rely too much on media and advertising and not enough about the customer . Facebook has about 850,000 people. Networking in this sense is really important. I know that Campari and World bar has a lot of members parties to engage with people which is a really important aspect of being successful.
* Businesses should have some sort of beliefs and values for it to be more sustainable. There also needs to be a sense of belonging.
* Businesses should take more risks for it to grow. At the moment most businesses are bland (ie they don’t always stand out).  They need more determination to achieve something. We sell ourselves short.  Businesses can be heroes (be outstanding).
* Innovation is a key part of being successful.
* The world is not a comfortable place. There is a lot of cyber bullying taking place in the world at the moment.
* Businesses should also embrace technology and change. One way of embracing change is by embracing the usage of blogging as it has an impact on tourism, community and the economy. Businesses should also let bloggers take pictures of things as a part of embracing technology and change. Bloggers can bring more customers to their shop and help promote products.
*Businesses should also learn to time their events around Melbourne’s major events. Melbourne is the events capital of Australia. Most of the major events are in Melbourne. One event is Orientation Weeks at Uni at the end of February. A lot of students come to these and this is a great chance for Businesses to engage with students.
* If businesses want to retain their customers and their morale they need to take better care of employees. Some of the restaurants that I go to they don’t care about their employees.