English Language classes run by RMIT Student Union

by newintstudents

Every semester RMIT Student Union has free English classes for students who are struggling with English. The free course runs for six weeks and places are limited. There were posters everywhere. They are casual conversation classes designed to assist students to make friends and improve pronunciation.

This semester I was invited to a free lunch in exchange for a few kind words. The lunch is catered for by RUSU Realfoods and you know what sort of nice yummy and wholesome food they have. This time they had a curry and salad. All of it is vegetarian.  But you know what I forgot and I was too full from my own lunch. But I did end up having a cake and orange juice

Many thanks to Realfoods for their yummy lunches

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There are three classes a week- each goes for about 1-2 hours and its a great chance to improve your English whilst at RMIT. There are a few student tutors. One of them I met was Roy and he was a lovely guy.
For more information and to register visit this site.