Hofbrauhaus by Katherine

by newintstudents

Hofbrauhaus is one of Melbourne’s most famous German restaurants specializing in Bratwurst and Schnitzel. They also specialise in German beer.

They have a beer hall as well as a proper restaurant. At the proper restaurant there is live music each night and a live show at 9:30pm which I wished I had stayed until then, but Sally and I had to vacate our table by 7:45pm as they had another seating. By the way I booked the table for us a few days earlier as it is known to get really busy.

The atmosphere was busy and I loved the tavern look. I checked out the bathrooms and loved the country house feeling. It felt like I was using an outside dunny (The Australians call the outside toilet “a dunny”).

They had really great entertainment here. Although there was no dancing we did enjoy the live band. But it was a little too loud as we couldn’t hear ourselves.

Service was fast and friendly (but a little too friendly in our opinion). They kept on asking us how we are going throughout the night and it was a tad bit repetitive. I loved the German outfits though. So cute. 

They do have the schnitzel challenge for $75 which gets you a big schnitzel (1.5 kg) and a bowl of chips and a really big stein. It must be finished within 45 mins or you don’t win and the meal won’t be free. To find out sign up to their Facebook page.

Anyway, we weren’t here for the schnitzel challenge. We were here to try out their German inspired food. I had a bretzel ($4.50) which was really salty. For hours afterwards I was really thirsty.

I also had a lemonade for the price of $4.50. Which was a rip off ( I nor Sally expected it to be that expensive). It was just ok.

So Sally and I both had the wursteplatte ($29.50) which was huge when it came to the table. Luckily I was starving. It came with mashed potato, gherkin, four sausages (three different flavours), spatzle (cheese flavoured rings).

We both had a hard time finishing it. There was too much mash and it was a little bit stodgy for my liking. The weiners (sausages) fared way better. I loved the big red one- it was spicy. The little ones were quite nice and juicy.

We both loved the homemade mustard- it had that little bit of a tahini kick to it.

The saurkraut was the best I have ever had. Nice and flavoursome and there was heaps on the plate. Sally loved it too. But we would have loved it if there were some pickled onions as well.

There was dessert but Sally and I were too full so we just paid and strolled down to Southern Cross station (by the way it was still light when we left).

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