Sambal Kampung by Katherine

by newintstudents

Sambal Kampung is a newish Malaysian place in Edgewater Boulevard close to where I live.

As Edgewater Boulevard was being redeveloped about two years ago a whole range of places starting opening and Sambal was one of them.

When Sally and I got there it was after 6pm. Sally was late sigh.  But Sally booked the place and knew that the place gets pretty packed.

The place looks small from the outside but inside it is large and cozy. We loved the flower decorations. But what didn’t really like was the bathrooms. I had a hard time finding the light until someone showed me.

There was a fairly new girl starting out today and I loved her for her honesty and her friendliness.

The menu was huge.
Like the other Sambal Kampungs this was pretty cheap and is meant for the student Budget. Most of the meals were under $10, with some of the mains being $15-$25. They have a policy of no EFTPOS for purchases under $20. Oh and they don’t even have an EFTPOS machine, you have to sign for it.

There wasn’t many non alcoholic drinks on offer. I had the three coloured drink and Sally had just water. But someone else ordered a Strawberry Delaquri which looked huge and amazing. Sigh my three coloured drink was good, but it had too much ice in it and it was a bit small for $4.

But the food made up for it. It was amazing. But very big serves. Oh and we also got complimentary Prawn crackers which was nice of them.  Note to self don’t order so much next time. We had the roti ($4), Lor Bak ($8), Nasi Goreng ($10) and the Fried Kuey Teow ($10). I have to admit this was the best fried kuey teow which we ate. It had that wok hei to it and it was fresh. It was nothing like the one at Jalan.

The roti was very flaky and the sauce was just right.

I have never tried Lor Bak so I can’t really say. But what I can say is that I loved the sambal sauce.

The nasi Goreng was just ok. I would have loved this to be more spicy.

All in all I can’t wait to try the city one and see if it goes by our standards of this one. This one really exceeded some of our expectations. Thanks guys. I hope more bloggers can write about you in the future. And may you be prosperous in the near future.

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