Fiesta Malaysia by Katherine

by newintstudents

It’s back and this time it was only for one day. It was on the 16th of March at Federation Square. To this day it was cold and wet and rainy (it was sunny for a little while), but many people like ourselves braved the weather to visit.

Many Malaysian people plus others came to experience the delights of their hometown. There was no Kolo Mee but there were other delights such as sweets, roti, drinks, laksa, noodles etc. Unlike last year there wasn’t a lot of stalls. The emphasis was more on performances and games. There was a Mamee noodle eating competition, free noodles, magazines, photo competition and more. All the dishes were priced between $5-$10 and they were small servings. To have a huge lunch and drink it would cost somewhere between $20-$30, which ultimately I didn’t have a lot of cash for that (I was saving for dinner and to pay the bill for the myki).

I had a pink coloured drink which was sweet and had rosewater and grass jelly in it. I can’t remember the name of the drink, but I know I got it from one of the student stalls for $2.50.

Later on I had $2 chrysanthemum tea. It really warmed me.
 Myself and Sally didn’t have much food seeing as she was going home for dinner and I was having a Malaysian dinner with my friends in the city. We both were full from Pho.

The lucky winners of the photo competition won vouchers of some sort and someone won a camera.

Games were: Chinese chess, Mahjong, some marble games, hopscotch and some Malaysian sports games which I can’t remember the name of. I got to try some of the games.

There were quite a lot of good performances that day from the Malaysian dances to the singers and the bands.

All in all a good day. But if was sunny it would have been better. Next time if it is raining it should have been indoors.