Pho Chu, The by Katherine

by newintstudents

Pho Chu The has been blogged about by 22 other bloggers. So I must have been the last blogger to find out about this place in Richmond.

Yesterday was rather cold so Sally and myself decided that we weren’t going to wait in the ridiculously long lines at the Malaysia festival for the food with small portions ( food there by the way costs $5-$10 for just a small plate, but that’s covered in another post).

In the end we made the decision to visit Richmond for Pho. We had some bad experiences with pho in the city before.

Pho Chu, The is about 15 mins by the 109 tram from the city. The closest tram stop is at the corner of Church and Victoria st. The place is just a few doors up from the I love Pho 264 place.

Unlike I love Pho which has other things besides Pho on the menu, this one has just Pho and spring rolls. They don’t cater for vegetarians and they do have Vietnamese drinks.

But what they specialize in is yummy pho.

Oh and they do also have onions which is great. And they have fresh chillis too.

The place itself was steady with people when we came at 11.40am. It is kid friendly.

The service was very swift and the lady was very friendly.

I had a chance to check out the bathrooms out the back. It was tiny and very slippery with all the water everywhere.

Sally and myself both had beef pho ($8). We both had the small bowls as we couldn’t finish a medium bowl. There was free tea all around. I also sampled a white iced coffee ($3)

The coffee was really sweet. This is really good for a hot day, but I think it had too much ice in it.

I loved my pho today. It had tripe in there which when cooked just right it is not too chewy. And I also enjoyed the giblets. There was lime in the condiments; when applied to the pho it gave the broth a really really nice flavour to it. Unlike Mekong the broth was just right.The beef was really nice today. The noodles though were slippery but it went well with the broth.
The onions were nice and vinegary.

Overall Sally and myself were really happy with the pho and we both agreed that pho in Richmond was much better than the city anyday. We’d be happy to come here or to I love Pho anyday. Or to try a new pho place in the same street.

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