Being a blogger

by newintstudents

As part of our career and business development series.

Being a blogger is fun but its also stressful as there is always deadlines to meet. For some people it can be very hard to find the motivation to start one. But once you start it is very easy to keep writing.

There are no set hours for this, instead like school work there is set deadlines.

Some people choose to just have pictures and others choose to have words and pictures for this. There is a million and one topics to blog about.

But it is also really fun and can take you places that you have never been on.

For a really good blog and to attract traffic you need to spend some time learning and using ADobe Photoshop for your pictures. At first when we started we had no idea of how to use this, but when Katherine took Desktop Publishing at RMIT we finally learned how to use it to our knowledge. We learned of its tricks and tools to use. We are still experimenting to this day.

You can earn money via adsense, but there isn’t much money.

You can start one for free.

The rewards that you get by being a blogger is that warm feeling that you are helping others out by telling them things which are good and the things which are not so.

Go on start one today!