Chatime’s new opening in QV by Katherine

by newintstudents

Chatime has just opened in a new location: QV. Now they have an opening special of buy one get one free and also free tea samples.

Here their shop is open and spacious, not like the Melbourne Central one which is small. They are also clean. There are no bathrooms inside, but they are in the shopping centre just one level below.

The server barely spoke any English. He barely understood it. I guess it is just their early days so give them some time.

This place is cash only but there is Woolworths downstairs. My tea was just $4.50.
Here I had the grapefruit and green tea (iced). Mine had no ice to it just the way that I wanted. But the grapefruit flavour was overpowering. You can choose how sweet you want the tea to be as well as the level of ice.

But I’d give them some time to settle and if ever I was in the area and wanted tea I’d give them another go.