Ray’s cafe by Katherine

by newintstudents

I went to Rays a few years ago with one of my friends from Realfoods.
 Back then it was really good and healthy. I wonder if it is the same now.

I was in Brunswick for an International student training session hence I decided to visit Ray’s. Ray’s is right near Brunswick station and it is about a five minute walk from RMIT Brunswick campus. I was going to visit Lux Foundry but couldn’t find it.

Ray’s is a very small but cozy cafe. Like some of Melbourne’s cute cafes. But I think that the people there (with the exception of one lady) were a bit too hip and loud for me. The workers I mean. The customers were fine for me.

The music was just a tad too loud for my liking.

But the food and the iced coffee made up for it. I had the poached eggs on Turkish bread with baked beans, feta and red onion jam ($15). The poached eggs were nicely done. Even better was the Habenaro sauce (complimentary- had to help myself to it). The red onion jam had that really nice homely feel to it. But I think the beans, although homemade were just a tad bit overcooked. In fact the feta melted and I could hardly taste it.

I also had a friand ($1). This was really really lovely. In fact this was the highlight as it was homemade and freshly baked.

My cold drip coffee tasted a little bit weird with the coconut ($6). It was just a tad too sweet. In fact the coconut distilled some of the strong bitter flavour to it.

I wouldn’t come back for the coffees, but maybe just for the yummy and healthy lunch and breakfasts.

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