Two Birds One Stone by Katherine

by newintstudents

Two birds one Stone has been opened for about a year now. And already itsbeen talked about by various blogs and Melburnians.

It is close to South Yarra station and is about 1o mins from the city. And itsaboutaone minute walk from thestation

On this sunny Wednesday morning the place was buzzing full of people. They are a big place with indoor and outdoor seating. This place was on my list for some time now. I had wanted to get away from the protest that was going on at RMIT and in the city as itwas disrupting my work and becoming scary.

Most meals are priced around $10-$20 and they are homemade. Sweets are about $5 each. They do have vegetarian meals as well as meat.

I chose a very interesting percorino and polenta mealwith mushrooms. Mushrooms had been talked about for some time on My Kitchen Rules,a show on TV. There were quite a few different mushooms in the meal today.They used shitake, enoki and other mushrooms and it was really nice with the pecorino cheese. Pecorino is a type of cheese from Italy. It is quite salty and its like parmesan.

The polenta melted in the mouth.

The long black I had was good too. It was smokey flavoured. It came out way before the polenta.

The lime tart was homemade. It wasnot too sweet and it melted in the mouth.

It was a good spend of $26. Although this place is really expensive it is worth a visit. I would love to try their pulled pork bun

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