Volunteering at Student Union

by newintstudents

As part of our careers series

Volunteering at the student union is fun and a great way to make new friends whilst at Uni. Half of my friends are from the Union.

The Student Union are down to earth and the staff there are lovely to work with.

There’s quite a few aras in which you can volunteer in such as being on the front counter. When I was volunteering there it was a lot of fun. And it also assisted with my blog for International students and a research project that I was undertaking about RMIT.

At the end of the semester there is a free party to thank you for volunteering. I remembered the fun times when we all went to what used to be called Miss libertines. There was free food and drink and lots of fun.

For some of their volunteers such as the Chill and Grill guys there is a free breakfast and a little party afterwards.

Check out: www.su.rmit.edu.au for more information