Volunteering for RUSU’s Chill and Grill

by newintstudents

As part of our Careers series.
Volunteering at RUSU’s chill and grill events are always fun, but you need a food safety/responsible service of liquor certificate. RUSU runs these free courses for their volunteers.

The chill and grill is on Wednesday mornings. Volunteers turn up at 10am for a free breakfast and then they go to help out. This can be in food preparation and service or serving alcohol.

They also wear the cute Purple T-shirts.

There is a student DJ at the event and I think RUSU employs them for the event. Email: renee.thompson@rmit.edu.au if you are interested

At the end of the day there is always drinks to thank you for volunteering.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a form from the Student Union and sign up. The more the merrier. You can also make heaps of friends this way as well as pick up new skills.