Internships paid or unpaid

by newintstudents

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Which ones would you love to have? Paid or unpaid? Overseas or local?
Most of the overseas ones are paid where as most of the local ones are not paid. But you work a normal 9am-5pm day or sometimes longer or shorter. And this goes with breaks.
For the local ones you should be be paid for those as you have to give up your part time job to work in internships. Most internships are part of your RMIT program but some people are lucky and they only have to do 3x 4 week blocks of Industry placement. I was lucky I got the latter
I guess this unpaid internships is still a necessity because experience counts when you start real work and questions will arise in a job interview about work experience. And you can also list it in your resume.

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You also learn all the skills that aren’t taught in the classroom such as working in teams and other things related to your course. You also learn what the industry does and thus it is viewed more favorably in the employers eyes.
It is agony as you might have to give up your part time job in favor of more study and you might have to live off your parents for a while.  You cannot socialize as much as you want. One of my friends who studies Accounting did internships and she didn’t like it because she was not paid and forced to give up her part time job in favour of more studies and she did not like begging for money from her parents who are already poor.
So if you can try and get a paid one or go overseas to do it.