Participating in Research Projects

by newintstudents

RMIT does have some research focus groups and projects for students to participate in. Most of them are run by students for students as part of their research project. Most of them usually offer some sort of a reward at the end such as a free movie ticket.

How is it announced?
1) By email from a lecturer in your course- so it pays for you to pay attention to those emails and if you can participate.

2) On the noticeboard- there are dozens of noticeboards around campus. So next time when you are in the Caf look for the noticeboard.

3) Sometimes through MYRMIT in the noticeboards. Next time when you are in there have a look at some of the classifieds

So do check from time to time as there might be a project that you might be interested in participating in. There is usually a reward for participation.