Where to find jobs

by newintstudents

As part of our careers series

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 These are some of the most common ways for students to find jobs whether it would be part time or full time.
1) Careers fairs such as the Big meet  as advertised in Weekend notes
2) Through your university’s connections
3) Through e-jobs- E-jobs is an online site via RMIT where RMIT students can look for jobs. RMIT students and graduates can register to use the site to find part time and full time jobs. At the moment there is 53 part time jobs.

4) Through Information sessions- RMIT runs a lot of Information sessions to assist people with finding jobs each semester, weekly.
Also Careerone has a Job Alerts page where you can sign up using Facebook. Did you know that most of the Jobs are actually advertised on the company’s website or Facebook?

Hardly any jobs are advertised though seek and careerone as it is too expensive. Same as with the newspaper.

For most part time jobs have a look at the shop windows next time you’re going to uni. And make sure that you have your resume ready

Good luck