Drugstore Espresso

by newintstudents

Drugstore Espresso was the only coffee place besides Two Birds One stone that was opened on Easter Saturday. Originally we were going to go to Outpost but that was closed.

Drugstore Espresso is a tiny little kitchy place on busy Toorak road.

Sally herself had a big breakfast and coffee so she didn’t have anything. But I ordered some toast and coffee. Originally I was going to get cake but they ran out. It was 11.30am when we visited.

The long black smelt a little bit burnt and nutty ($3), but it was strong.

The toast was good too. The butter was homemade (I think as it had that creamy texture to it that you normally don’t get much of in a commercial butter). I think the jam too was homemade. I loved the sourdough- it had that nice texture to it.

The service itself was a bit disorganized as there were people standing around doing nothing and my coffee came after my food. Way after it- I thought that they’d forget.

I can forgive these tiny things if the food and drink is right and it was. For a South Yarra cafe this is excellent. This is what the Melburnians expect. Thank you for offering such good food and drink to the locals. I would love to come again; this time when we’re both peckish for eggs as we saw some really lovely looking egg dishes being delivered to other tables.

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