Beware of scammers asking for personal details

by newintstudents

As told by Katherine who knew a few friends who complained about this situation

Image courtesy of Google Images

“I know of a few friends who have just newly arrived in Melbourne and are looking for part time work. So they decided to look on Gumtree to find work. At that time they did not know that Gumtree is scam site. They found a job which they really liked and started applying for it.”

“They then were asked for money, bank account details and passport and personal details such as their home address. I know that most legitimate sites don’t ask for this”.

” Most legitimate sites would ask for a resume and a cover letter and just a few small things about yourself. They would ask nothing about bank account and passport details, certainly no money”.

” In the end these students lost about $10000 and were in financial debt all because of this very simple thing of applying on Gumtree. In the end they had to go home because they had no money to pay their school fees, rent and other things”.

” Lessons learnt:
* Instead visit your universities career service and go to the careers fairs even if you are in first year
* Instead look at sites like and as they would never ask for your bank account, passport details or money
* Know the privacy law in Australia. No legitimate organisation can give out your details to someone else unless you authorise it. Nor can they ask for your bank details or other private information”.