Brush your teeth

by newintstudents

 As part of our Health series
By not brushing your teeth twice a day plaque and tartar will build and then you might have to visit the dentist to get a filling. Now that is very costly and someone told me that International students are not covered for this.

Make sure that you buy a good brush. A electronic brush is better than the plastic ones as it does the job for you. All you need to do is turn it on and away you go. Electronic brushes can keep for ages and ages.
Now that’s not an excuse not to brush your teeth. Note you cannot buy electric toothbrushes secondhand; you have to buy brand new. Or you could bring it from your home coutnry.
Electric toothbrushes costs somewhere between $50-$200 per brush. And then you need to buy the little brush heads (about $10).

And you’ll also need some toothpaste. We love Sensodyne’s wear and protect toothpaste as it keeps the mouth nice and clean

And then you need to floss your teeth. We love Oral B’s dental floss.

If you can try and get a dental check up once or twice a year. This can be in your home country. Note if you choose to do it here you may not be covered by your Overseas student health cover.