Exploring Chapel st

by newintstudents

Chapel St is one of Melbourne’s popular shopping strips. About 5-15 mins by train and walk from the station Chapel st has all of your shopping needs. There are trains that leave the CBD every 5-10 minutes so there is no need for a car. And someone once told me that to park on Chapel st it is $15 an hour. So not worth it.

There are also trams that leave the CBD too every few minutes but they take up to twice as long depending on the traffic.

Depending on how much money you have Chapel St has something to suit everyone’s needs. There are some cheap and quirky items or there are the most expensive stuff.

All the expensive brands can be found at the South Yarra side and the more quirky and vintage stuff is found on the other side.

I loved the little surf village near Commercial road. Here you can find lots of quirky jewellery and fashion some of which is $10.

I also love the T2 shop. Here they seem a lot more friendlier than the one in the city. Unlike the city store there is a lot more cutesy stuff as well as tea samples. They are also a lot bigger.
This store also sells the Breville machine for $299.

I also loved visiting Urban Attitude- a shop which sells quirky but everyday household items at affordable prices. Here I found a pocket lamp for $9.99 and a little cute kitchy bottle of nick knacks for $10.

If you want to go to the movies whilst you are here the Jam Factory is the place. Keep in mind though that there is no Intencity- there used to be such an arcade and many more shops. But due to the recession not anymore.

Lunch is at one of the many options along Chapel st. Don’t go there for the dumplings as they will probably be shocking for the price you pay. Instead go to one of the many bars and cafes serving their lunch specials. Most of them usually have two courses with wine for $30-$50.

There are plenty of atms around, but if you are new to the area better to bring lots of cash as some places don’t always accept cards.

When Sally and I visit we also love to put our feet up at Lindt the Chocolate Shop at the end of the day and order hot drinks and maybe food. The last time I went I bought a Lindt bunny for $4.50 and a pot of green tea for $5.70. There isn’t a bathroom in the Lindt cafe- they share with the Jam Factory.

And then we go home.