My first few tries at cooking by myself

by newintstudents

As part of our health and human development series. As told by Sally Li.

Image courtesy of the Hanover blog

Back home I used to have a maid and a chef to do all of the cooking for me and they forbade me to experience it for myself.

In Melbourne there is no such thing as that. I was faced with a few choices on my limited budget;
 1. Eat two minute noodles every night
 2. Go out everyday and buy meals outside
3. Try and learn cooking

In the first semester I had a very demanding job at 7-11 which kept me awake all night. That left me little time to do much cooking hence the two minute noodles which had a lot of calories and not much nutrition.

That led me to feeling run down and well… risk of not doing so well in uni.

In the second semester it was time to wake up to myself. I then realized that eating two minute noodles was not good for you. So I decided to learn how to cook for myself.

The first few times were not quite right. One time my white chicken (or Hainanese chicken) was undercooked. The second time I overcooked udon noodles and so they were a soupy mess. And the third and the fourth time I nearly burnt the house down. Luckily I was watching the cooking.

But as time grew on learning how to cook became easier. I got a lot of hints from the cafe that I work in. And am now learning to love foods other than Asian food. Am even learning to love salads and raw food.

No more two minute noodles for me thank you very much