Ferguson Plarre bakehouse

by newintstudents

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse has been around for a long time.

I went to the one in Queen Vic after Yellow eggs wrote up about it.

Here they had lots of pies and cakes..
This is a takeaway shop, hence there isn’t a lot of seating

The guy there let me decide.
I had a yummy, rich cheesecake and long john. But I shared it with someone.

Altogether it was $7.50 and very filling.

The long John had too much canned cream to it. But I did love the doughiness of the doughnut which was freshly baked.

The cheese cake was very rich. I would have bought the black forest cake if there was a single slice of black forest.

Next time when I’m around I’ll try and buy a pie and a cake. The sweet and the savoury. Students if you are at the market and are looking for cheap eats, then here’s where to go.

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