The Vine at SAB

by newintstudents

The Vine at SAB had just recently opened and I was intrigued to try the place out.

The Vine is not just another coffee hot spot; it is also a cafe. A cafe that sells Chanellia teas and Mexican food.

Because it is uni holidays the place was dead quiet.

They also have eat in. But the prices are not the same as take away.

Here they have Noisette pastries (at $4.50 per pax) and other other little sweet treats.

The barista there was a lovely guy. I asked the lovely guy about student discounts and he said that they were still working on it.

I had my usual long black and an Apricot danish. The long black was weak, but not overly. It did smell of chocolate, but tasted nutty and winey.

I’d love to come and try their mouthwatering salads

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