AFIS information seminar

by newintstudents

Sally and I went to the AFIS Information Seminar at Victoria University’s City campus. It had been advertised for some time around RMIT.

It started at 10am with a warm welcome and a prize draw of a movie ticket. We didn’t win but congratulations to the lucky person

And then there was an Information session on Working in Australia.

There was a very short housing session but there was lots covered in this.

Lunch today was sandwiches and finger food. It wasn’t great, but seeing as it is free I can’t complain about this. I would love to see dessert, but I think that they were on a limited budget and probably the rent costs a lot.

We got to see all of the stalls and here is some photos of them. There was also a photo booth. Whilst we didn’t participate in this it was really fun. Guests got to dress up and have their photo taken.

We then saw the Bollywood dancing and the music was a tad too loud for such a small room.

Then there was the very warm welcome from the Victorian Government.

And then there was the prize draw for the camera and the iPad which again we did not win.

Then there was more information sessions on Safety and the Migration Visa. But the visa one took way too long so Sally and I went to Lindt.

We didn’t go away empty handed. We got a goody bag full of stuff from the session. What we loved the most were the shopping and bar cards.