Birdman Eating by Katherine

by newintstudents

Birdman Eating has been around for two to three years now. I have not had a chance to visit it until today. It is right in front of a tram stop. If you don’t have a car take the route 86 tram from the city and get off at the corner of Smith and Gertrude sts Fitzroy (zone 1)

Although 36 other bloggers have blogged on about the place, the place itself wasn’t busy at 10am when I arrived.

They do brunch all day until 5pm and then they close. They’re not opened for dinner unless there is a privat function.

The guy that served me seemed a little surly and grumpy. Perhaps not enough asleep? But the ladies that worked there were friendly.

There are bathrooms out the back behind a door.

They have outdoor and indoor seating and lovely looking decorations. They also have magazines for people to read.

I had the double espresso ($3.50) which looked really small when it came. It looked like a short black, but when I tasted it, it was strong. It tasted winey and like berries.

I had the special of chilli salt eggs with creamed corn and on sourdough ($12.50). When it came to the table it was really small. The corn was from one of the Edgells cans. The sourdough, although nice was a little measly. Luckily I had a proper breakfast at home before I came. Without the pepper the corn would be bland.

But the chilli salt on the egg gave it that kick. I loved the fresh rocket.

Seeing as the food was a little bit pricey for small amounts I probably would only just visit for coffee and maybe sweets. They did a stellar coffee and the sweets on the counter looked really good. Shame about the guy though.

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