Degraves Espresso by Katherine

by newintstudents

This place has been raved about by 17 other coffee fantics. They are supposed to be quite good for their coffees. The place is small and run by the Irish. The workers there were really friendly and were happy explain things if you ask nicely.They were also attentive, but maybe just a little too attentive.

It attracts tourists and students alike. Everything here is super cheap hence this a cash only place.

But it is cozy.

The bathrooms are outside and behind a locked door. You need to ask the wait staff for the key. Once inside there are a flight of stairs leading to the bathrooms. The bathrooms are just ordinary.

There is breakfast all day on weekends and from 7am-11:30am on weekdays. They also do Spanish tapas and sandwiches. Between 3pm-5pm most days they have the 3 plates of tapas for $34.

I have been here for a few times now.
The last time I went to this place was for coffee and their $8.50 scrambled eggs. I had a $3.50 long black and it was stellar. It smelt burnt but tasted nutty with a hint of dark chocolate in there. The beans are from Sensory lab.

I had their $8.50 eggs on sourdough toast and I added some salmon and feta for $3 each. I loved the smoked salmon. It was fresh and flavoursome. I also loved the sourdough toast; it wasn’t too chewy and it had some of that dough texture even though it was toasted.

The only thing I didn’t like was the eggs. They were dry and without the chilli flakes and the feta it would have been bland. The feta had that lovely saltiness to it which complemented the eggs nicely. The herbs in the eggs were a nice touch and they were the redeeming factor of the eggs.

I would only come back for the coffee and to try the next tables Eggs Benedict and Muesli. Their meals looked way better than mine. And their juice looked really tempting too.

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