Eating our way around Richmond part 1: Victoria st

by newintstudents

Richmond is a suburb known for its vibrant culture. Whether it would be coffee or Asian, it is known for some of Melbourne’s cheap eats.
And great eats too.

Victoria st
This is where all the Vietnamese live.

Here there are some really dirt cheap eats from the bhanh mi to the Vietnamese rice noodle soup of pho. Here all the Melburnians rave on about I love pho 264.

Its like a market out there as everything is so cheap. a bunch herbs is about $0.60-$0.90
Here is also where there are loads and loads of Asian shops and bakeries close to Melbourne.

We went to Tatsing grocery shop. Here they had lots and lots of Asian groceries.

On our way to Lee Lee we passed a butcher. Here they had $1.50 ribs and $7 for chicken. It had to be one of the biggest meat markets.

We went to a place called Lee Lee in Victoria st. Here they had $4 bhanh mi and I got the BBQ pork one. The Bhanh mi fell apart. Here you can choose your toppings and choose whether or not to have chilli in this. The Bhanh mi was huge.

My favorite place has to be Nhu Lan.
Although this is a bakery it also sells my favorite rice dishes and rice paper rolls. You can buy a pack of two big ones for $5 with sauce.

We also visited the Asian supermarket and here I bought my fruits and veg. Altogether $1.95. This one had to be the biggest shop. It felt like a market in there. Here you can find big bottles of sauces for $1.70. And here you can also find Red Bull drinks for $0.90 and boxes and boxes of goods on special.

In another store I bought my favorite Soya bean drink for $1.50.

How to get there; Take the no: 109 tram of course.

Stay tuned for part two