Hooked Seafood Fish and Chips by Katherine

by newintstudents

As part of our Health and Human Development

Hooked is a seafood place in Prahran near Swinburne Uni. It is also a ten minute walk from Prahran station (in zone 1).  It is said that they do have the healthiest seafood. They have been featured a few times in the Entertainment book.

I went with a group of friends. We all came in when it just opened.

Here it was rather quiet but then as the lunch hour rolled on it was busy. This place attracts a lot of students from Swinburne University. They do have a 10% discount off the bill for students.

At lunchtimes they have their lunch packs where you choose calamari, fish burger, veggie burger or fish and chips. And it includes your choice of drink or chips/veggies.

You order from a lovely lady at the front counter and you pay. The bathrooms are just behind the kitchen and there is a complicated way of getting there in which you have to ask the lady at the counter.

They have outdoor and indoor seating. The outside ones look really nice (reminds me of the sea).

They are also a licensed bar and they do take EFTPOS and cash. When I went to pay they gave me a loyalty card.

I had the fish burger with a drink. And I also ordered chips. So altogether I paid $12.50. One of my friends who is Mr Cheap had just a fish burrito ($8.95) which he complained was too small. He was still hungry afterwards. Sally had fish and chips with Tartare sauce (about $12 I think it was). Mr Footscray guy had the calamari which he thought that it would come with a burger and was unhappy ($10.95). He read the menu wrongly (I think). But anyway I loved the calamari; it was fresh and not overcooked. If it is overcooked they become very chewy and this had the right amount of flavouring to it.

My burger bun was sweet. In fact too sweet that I couldn’t really taste much of the fish. I was expecting tartare sauce rather than chilli. But love the fries though. These were the best chips I have ever tried that are this close to the city.

I didn’t get to taste any of Sally’s fish but I know she liked it because she had finished her plate. And she loved the tartare sauce. I got to try some of the tartare sauce and it was lovely.

I want to come back to try more of the calamari and maybe some of the fish chips. I’d also love to buy their homemade sauce. Except for the fish burger and fish burrito everything else is a must try

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