Lindt Cafe In Southbank

by newintstudents

There is a new Lindt cafe in Southbank and it has been opened for just a few months. I have been there for a few visits now and am loving the atmosphere. So I thought that I’d do a write up.

You might remember the visit to the cafe in South Yarra and Collins st. Well here it feels like a David Jones store with all the fancy lighting. And with all the chocolate displays it feels like the food hall.

They open from about 7am until midnight. Not only do they sell chocolate goodies they also sell savoury lunch and breakfast foods.

The bathrooms are outside of the restaurant and in a little hallway next to Mary Martin Books

When I first saw the ice cream menu I thought $6 for just one measly scoop is ridiculous. But when I saw that someone else’s came in a nice cup and with all the chocolate sauce down the bottom- I thought wow, look at that! Isn’t it gorgeous?

And so to this day I ordered it and the chocolate and vanilla macaroon ($3) and my tea ($5.70 per pot and that gets you about 3-4 cups and as many refills as you need. And they use the more expensive gunpowder tea). The ice cream was just heavenly. It is made with the finest coconut chocolate (I can taste the coconut in there) I really wished that I could eat all that chocolate sauce, but I had to go home for dinner and I would be too full.

I also had the macaroon. It was light and airy and full of flavour.

Now you can see why I love this place and will continue to do so. I hope that they will prosper and stay open for a long time.

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