Optic Kitchen and bar by Katherine

by newintstudents

Optic Kitchen and Bar is at Federation square. It had been opened for about six months so not much has been written about them.

I went with Sally and our library group. When I came it was 6pm and I was looking for my table. It took a while to find it but I finally found it at the back. Several of group hasn’t arrived yet.

The place is cozy and inviting. It is like the Moat in that respect. They have great WI-FI. I love the candles on the table- very romantic. And a thing that I noticed that is a trend in Melbourne’s cafes is the cutlery caddy and the 1800’s style jugs. I loved the this trend.

You order and pay at the bar. They take EFTPOS as well as cash.

Optic Kitchen and bar share bathrooms with ACMI. They are just behind the restaurant.

Image courtesy of Poppet’s Window

Their menu is rather limited, but they do make up for it by offering wine. Several members of our group had wine. But Sally had the lemon lime and bitters (I think it was $3.90) and I had just a plain lemonade ($3.90). But I loved Sally’s glass though. It was so cute.
Someone else had cider though and it was huge.

I had the pizza special of the day ($13.90). This always changes from day to day, but I had the prosciutto, rocket and feta pizza. This was really cheesy. The base was thin and really hard to cut so I had to use my hands. I loved the rocket.

I had a chance to try Sally’s fish and chips ($20). For that price she got the fish and chips, plus a really good looking salad and home made tartare sauce which she seemed to enjoy. I had a chance to try the fish and chips and the fish was cooked to perfection. The chips were of the frozen kind but the fish was fresh.

Someone else had the burger ($20) and whilst it looked nice, it looked a tad bit small on the plate.

I also got to try a little bit of someone else’s ploughman’s platter ($14.90). This would be better offered at lunch as it is normally a lunch dish.  The bread was nice and chewy and without the pate it was perfect. But they got confused about the pate and the scotch egg was forgotten which they had to remind the kitchen staff about. But when it came the egg looked really good.

The next time when I come it would have to be a lunchtime where I can try the ploughman’s platter and the fish and chips with Sally. We can share them. I would love for others such as Sweet and Sour, The Chronicles of I-Hua and the boy, Lets Get Fat together, The epicurean and maybe Burger Friday to blog about the place as I would love to see what they think.

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